New Mauboussin Paper: Total Addressable Market (incl. Checklist)

Title: Total Addressable Market – Methods to Estimate a Company’s Potential Sales
Authors: Michael J. Mauboussin & Dan Callahan, CFA
Date: September 1, 2015

“TAM is an area where overconfidence and optimism are rife. We have provided some analytical approaches to check these biases and to come up with a reasonable assessment of whether the market’s expectations are reasonable.” —Mauboussin & Callahan, Total Addressable Market – Methods to Estimate a Company’s Potential Sales

The concept of total addressable market (TTM) is the subject of Mauboussin and Callahan’s most recent paper.

“The ability to calibrate the total addressable market (TAM) is a major part of anticipating value creation. Since 1960, about one-third of the value of the S&P 500 Index has been attributable to the anticipated payoff from future investment. Assessing value creation requires understanding how much a company can invest and the returns those investments will earn.

We define TAM as the revenue a company would realize if it had 100 percent share of a market it could serve while creating shareholder value. TAM is a concept that executives and investors use frequently, but that few define properly or thoughtfully. You should recognize up front that TAM is not about how large a firm can grow to be but rather how much it can expand while adding value”

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Included in this paper is an checklist addressing certain important questions to consider when performing an analysis of TAM.

Checklist for Estimating a Total Addressable Market

Categorizing New Products

  • Is the product technology new or current?
  • Are the customers new or current?

Market Size

  • Are the users and payers of the good or service the same?
  • How much money do the buyers have?
  • Are the resources of buyers growing or shrinking?
  • Are there physical limitations, such as how much one can eat or use a product, that can curb demand?
  • What is the elasticity of demand?
  • How cyclical is demand?
  • How do consumers allocate their time and money now and how might that change?
  • Are the suppliers and sellers of the good or service the same?
  • What is the business’s production capacity?
  • Is there a reliable infrastructure to get the goods or services to market?
  • How broad is the geographical footprint?
  • Where is the industry in its life cycle?
  • What does that imply about the growth rate and pricing flexibility?
  • Does manufacturing capacity match the rate of growth in demand?
  • Is the company using pricing as a lever to drive scale or to increase profitability?
  • Are there existing or potential economic or social regulations that could limit TAM?
  • What are management’s incentives and are they aligned with shareholders?
  • Are there economies of scale? Local? National? International?
  • Are there two or more competitors, which could push each company into a separate niche?

TAM and the Bass Model

  • Which stage of the life cycle is the company’s industry in?
  • What analogous products can inform your estimates for the Bass Model parameters?
  • Limitations of the Bass Model When a consumer buys something once, how frequently does he or she replace it (repurchase rate)?
  • Has the company’s good or service overshot the market?
  • Might that happen soon?
  • Does the company have a competitive advantage that will allow for value creation over time?
  • Do network effects exist?
  • Consider Base Rates What happened to other companies when they were in a situation similar to the one you are examining?
  • Are your TAM estimates plausible when considering these base rates?

TAM and Ecosystems

  • Does the company operate primarily a physical, service, or knowledge business?
  • What is the company’s source of advantage?
  • What are the investment triggers?
  • Does the company sell rival or nonrival goods?
  • Are there opportunities to extend into new business categories?

Want More?

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Disclosure: I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company or individual mentioned in this article. I have no positions in any stocks mentioned.


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