Thornton O’Glove Talks at Google (incl. Slide Deck)

“Anybody who thinks the market is efficient should see a psychologist, they really should.”

—Thornton O’Glove

Quality of Earnings: Background

Background information below from Talks at Google:

In this talk, Thornton covers a wide range of investing topics, including the art of financial deviation analysis, the least complex and best way to invest in the stock market on a long-term basis, and an independent prediction about Berkshire Hathaway’s future and the bonanza that awaits its shareholders.

Thornton O’Glove is the author of “Quality of Earnings: The Investor’s Guide to How Much Money a Company Is Really Making.” His work is amongst the “must reads” by industry icons including Tom Gardener of the Motley Fool, and on Kuppy’s Book List as one of the top financial accounting books of all time. Thornton holds an MBA from Haas Business School at UC Berkeley. An investor from the age of 18, he went on to work as an analyst for some of the top investment firms in New York and became the President of the Reporting Research Corporation, who publish the Quality of Earnings Report. His work continues to influence students of finance and professionals around the world. Thornton is also an occasional commentator for the Motley Fool Blog Network and Barron’s Weekly.

Quality of Earnings: Slide Deck
Thornton O Glove Talks at Google
Quality of Earnings: YouTube Video

One thought on “Thornton O’Glove Talks at Google (incl. Slide Deck)

  1. Thank you for sharing this! Very insightful video. I found the third part very interesting regarding his prediction for Berkshire Hathaway. I’ve read “The Outsiders” which covers Henry Singleton as a genius capital allocator, and it was interesting to see hear his words that Warren doesn’t entirely practice what he preaches. Perhaps for now, over the next few decades the returns to shareholders generated from continuing to buy up undervalued companies is greater than selling or spinning off subsidiaries and investments.

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