A Quote: Earning Power

“As far as the use of earning power or earning prospects in Wall Street is concerned, let me point out that in most of the current thinking earning power is not considered along the lines of an average over a period of time of medium duration. It is either considered as the earnings that are being realized just now, or those right around the corner, such as the next twelve months; or else the earnings are considered in terms of the long and almost endless future. A company with good prospects, for example, is supposed to be a company which will go on and on, more or less indefinitely increasing its earnings; and therefore it is not necessary to be too precise about what earnings you are talking about when you are considering the company’s future. Actually that idea of the long-term future of companies with good prospects shows itself, not in the use of any particular earnings, but in the use of the multiplier which is applied to the recent earnings or to the average earnings of the past.”Benjamin Graham

This quotation is not as of today, even though it could have been. These are Ben Grahams words back in 1946 from lecture number four of his class at Columbia University.

Some things change, some things don’t.

Check out the ten lectures here. They are all great. Read, learn and apply the things you like the most to your own investment process. 

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