More Signal & Less Noise

This blog is about business analysis and investing. The main reason for starting the blog is accumulation of knowledge and wisdom in the area of business analysis and investing, about how to value a business, how to think about markets and market prices, different kinds of businesses – the great, the good and the ugly, what makes an industry a good one or a bad one, heuristics and developments in the general economy.

This blog will in a way serve as my own tool to handle hindsight bias because it will give me an opportunity to back in time and see what I actually wrote about a specific business. This way I won’t be able to paint a rosier picture and change parameters in my reasoning in hindsight to make it fit the outcome.

I do all this to improve. Improve my ability to clearly express my thoughts in words, improve my writing skills, improve my communication skills.

I like to read books and articles and I will post links to other blogs and recommend books I have read, most of them in the areas of business analysis, investing, valuation, heuristics and history. All of them read to improve my thinking and ability to adopt sound principles and accumulate knowledge and gain wisdom to succeed with my investing and my life.

2014 for me is going to be the year when I try to look for more signal and less noise. This blog is one part of this search.


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